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Donner Lake, Lake Tahoe, California

North Lake Tahoe, California, is a region massive enough that a three mile long lake, like Donner Lake, can have a burgeoning community with a whole history and life of its own. Northeast of Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake is part of the city, Truckee, California. A tragic history looms here, but is not forgotten in spirit and name. The Donner Party emigrants were heading west, became stranded in an especially cold, snowy winter in 1846. Some resorted to cannibalism. 46 survived, while 42 perished. In 1919, memorials were erected in the area, which has become Donner Memorial State Park. The name remained for the lake and town as well. Natural history goes farther back. Donner Lake was formed by a combination of faulting and glacial movements. Granite from this "Glacial Polishing" can be seen near Donner Summit. Moraine formed a dam where the State Park is now located. Athough situated within a short drive from major ski resorts of Lake Tahoe and Lake Tahoe itself, Donner Lake, as its impressive statistics show, is a one-stop vacation spot. Its depth is measured at 328'; its length three miles long, three fourths of a mile wide; water level is 5935.8' above sea level, because Lake Tahoe is 6228' above sea level. The two lakes are not connected. One year measurements taken showed Donner Lake to be six degrees warmer in the summer than Lake Tahoe. Donner Lake occasionally freezes over. The proof Donner Lake is different than Lake Tahoe is plain to see.

Donner Lake is also unusual for North Lake Tahoe, California, because it is more popular than other towns. While approximately 1500 residents live full time, thousands more travel to Donner Lake each year. What attracts all of these visitors will most likely attract you, if property to own can cost as much as a million dollars, lake front. But you do not have to own to appreciation the land and lake. Imagine golden rays shining through the Sierra Mountains and onto the lake, as you kayak, boat, fish, or just lounge on one of the small beaches, reading your favorite author. Temperature on average is 75 degrees Fahrenheit in the summertime. With the depth of Donner Lake to speak of, exploring the lake floor by scuba diving alone is worth the vacation. Hang gliding is one extreme for those who go where eagles dare. The views are exquisite, but hiking, camping and biking, in the state park are bringing the views of nature alive. If and when you decide to branch out from Donner Lake, over a dozen golf courses are highly rated and will challenge you on every 18 hole game. Casinos are in the region. Find your favorite game and beat the house. You'll walk away feeling good. Check out the calendar of events. Events go on, ranging from steamboat races, swimming races, the Lake Tahoe Music Festival, the Cannibal Cruise (a car show every summer), 4th of July fireworks, and more. While forests and mountains surround it, Donner Lake has restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs to enjoy the night away. Like most towns in North Lake Tahoe, California, Donner Lake is the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the Sierra Mountains and Lake Tahoe. Why Donner Lake should be your first choice to rent a home or condo in the wintertime is its luxury over the more rustic places. Your location is key, being a half of hour drive to most North Lake Tahoe ski resorts. Over fifteen are in the area, which means skiing and snowboarding could become a full time job and you'd never exhaust the slopes. One winter, let alone one week, is not enough to traverse the Sierras. If you don't have skis or snowboards, no worries; around every corner is a shop to buy, rent, or repair them. All your needs are met, so that when you're at the highest of high peaks, you'll reach the bottom safe and sound, breathless and thrilled: private lessons, clinics for men, women, children, programs taught on how to use your equipment more effectively, are available for the novice and expert alike. Even you who have skied the globe will love what North Lake Tahoe has on its powder. And even you who have no desire to ski or snowboard will love the snowbird activities, such as snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog- or horse-drawn sleigh riding, inner tube and sled sliding. Children have safe, designated areas to build snowmen, make snow angels, and wage war with snowballs. North Lake Tahoe is an area you should know about if you ski snowboard. To get to know North Lake Tahoe, California, Donner Lake is where.


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